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That Breath-Taking Website Was Built Using WordPress

Your business is great! Your services are unique. There is no doubt that once people see your product, they will want to buy. But ask yourself, in the comfort of their homes, can they search out your business and get good information? If your answer is no, that is obviously because you don’t have a website. It is time you find something that will speak for you even when you are not there. You need that website!

For many business owners, the problem is their perception of what a website is. Friend, it is 2019! Things aren’t as complex as they used to me and that includes building and managing a website.

Its time to let that website design work for you using WordPress. WordPress is a content management system and your best option when it comes to building and managing a website. Just one touch and you would love it for the rest of your life. I fondly think back to when I started using WordPress. I just couldn’t let go of it. The simplicity totally blew me away and that was many years ago. With constant revisions, it only becomes better.

Building smarter websites.

WordPress lets you test out the responsiveness of your website so users just enjoy. With some many templates and themes, there isn’t a limit to how much you can improve the user experience and interface. Friend, just jump on something that works, something you definitely won’t regret!

Here is how I shop in 2019: With the internet at the tip of my fingers, I google virtually everything I buy. So if I’m not seeing it on the internet, I begin to have doubts. Now you know why your business should have a WordPress website. It just gives this inner green light. This tingling feeling of being on the right path. I know you feel it too.

WordPress is just right for your small business, it helps you save money too. The money you can use to improve your business.

Friendly advice, don’t wait for the competition to use WordPress first because it is certain to give whoever uses it a boost. You want that boost don’t you?

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– Google currently holds 90.1% of the total search engine market share (Google + Google Images), followed by YouTube (owned by Google), Yahoo!, Bing & Amazon. (HubSpot)

– 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

What the hell are you waiting for?


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WordPress Website Design Company


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“We have been very impressed with HellMedia Best Marketing methodology & approach to the campaigns we have run with them to date. They have also given us exceptional insights into new trends in what is an ever-changing field. We feel that they have an in-depth knowledge of Local SEO / SOCIAL MEDIA. We found that their enthusiasm is matched only by their level of expertise.” They reached the first page for EVENT PLANNING TORONTO in less than 30 days. Very Impressive.

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Andriana Avraam

Pink Media | Event Planning

Going fully digital was a tough choice for us. As an online training company, our fear was reaching the people who would actually pay for our services. Then HellMedia came along and gave us the confidence we needed. Their service inspired confidence in us with their results proving that we actually survive in the digital world. HellMedia’s WordPress Website Design Company & SEO made us top 3 on Google in no time. Their Facebook advertising brought us clients who actually need our training. With this kind of team behind any company, there are truly no limits.

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Christine Baillargeon

CLC | Procore Training

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WordPress Website Design Company

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HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing

HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing
HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing

HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing

HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing
Agency SEO HellMedia - Toronto SEO Powerhouse & Digital Marketing

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WordPress is Behind 30.3% of the Top 1000 Websites
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WordPress Takes Care of 80-90% of Google’s Crawling Issues
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WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with 60.4% of the market share

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