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Email Marketing Is Your Hidden Superpower. Unleash It.

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Out of sight is out of mind and it holds 100% truth for businesses in today’s world. With an ever-changing digital marketing landscape, you need to automate your business to keep up, starting with AUTOMATED EMAIL MARKETING campaigns.

More importantly, as a business owner, you must GET PERSONAL with your target audience, engage with them at the right moment with the right message, keep them in the loop and even celebrate them with personalized birthday wishes, reward them with special offers and seduce them into a lifetime subscription with your brand.

Personalizing the customer experience is your #1 priority. This is how you build INBOX TRUST and improve the critical CTO rate on any communication coming from you, and not your competitor. Is your current subject line catchy enough to entice a strong Click-to-Open rate?

B2B EMAIL MARKETING CANNOT BE A MANUAL PROCESS. You are not a robot to work around the clock. You are human and prone to human error and fatigue. Maybe you can keep up with a handful of clients, but you’re growing! How will you keep up with customizing multiple email campaigns for hundreds or thousands of customers, all at different stages of their email journey with you?

ONE. SIMPLE. SOLUTION. Email Marketing.

Automating your email communication makes personalized messages simple and helps track conversion and receiver behavior to optimize your CTA for real. A PERSONALIZED EMAIL JOURNEY for each new lead or an acknowledgement journey for existing customers (both pre-commitment and post-transaction!), you are securing brand consistency, building brand loyalty and becoming valuable in their inbox. You become a familiar e-bestie. Is your subject matter on target to entice strong Click-to-Action, or are you sending emails about candy to diabetics?

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? BREATHE.

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Want to improve your Email Campaign?

– 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
(Search Engine Journal)

– Google currently holds 90.1% of the total search engine market share (Google + Google Images), followed by YouTube (owned by Google), Yahoo!, Bing, and Amazon.

What the hell are you waiting for?


The Biggest Lie in Email Marketing [2022]

We Got Your Backend. But First Consider These Pesky Realities:

Email Marketing | Automation

  • How much time do you spend on email campaigns daily? It’s either none or way too much in our experience. Don’t waste precious time doing this mundane task by yourself, while your emails feel repetitively buggy (oops, unsubscribes are up this month!), and uninspiring (why they send me this?? DELETE!).

  • Does the task of smart, effective copywriting and clever slogans overwhelm you? It’s because you’re not a copywriter, you’re an entrepreneur so be clever and farm that out to us!

  • CTA strategy a flop and no one is clicking your READ MOREs, BUY NOWs, SIGNUPs? OH BOY, you need some serious marketing strategy from HellMedia on this one.

  • What is the return on this time investment, considering the drain on you as a resource? It’s either none, not nearly enough or you have no idea. Focus your time on your business instead.

  • What tools are you using for A/B Testing for deployment? You don’t do split testing. Ouch. It’s ok, we’ll do that for you too.

  • What does your EMAIL LOGIC map look like? If your customer does not click to open your email, have you set up a follow up trigger email 3 days later to remind them you’re there? You don’t have time to set up triggered emails. We completely understand. We’ll do it for you.


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I currently top local listings for my services in my area because HellMedia came to my aid. Now I am a household name in my area. I recommend them for Email Marketing in Toronto.

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HellMedia took me from hiding in the shadows and made me visible to everyone with their local SEO services even to people who never knew I existed. Thank you guys

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What Can We Do To Help? It is a complete DFY service - Done-for-You!

B2B Email Marketing Agency | Automation

HellMedia email Markating masters can help you map out a customer email experience with purposeful CTA, customized subject lines and rich copywriting for maximum inbox impact, plus guide you when to deploy your triggered campaigns, down to the day and time that will be most effective for your business!

You can be setup and deploying campaigns as we speak.
– Mailchimp
– ActiveCampaign
– GetResponse

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us about how HellMedia can help you powerup your business reach online with email automation. Stop emailing. Start selling 

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HellMedia is So Much More Than Email Marketing Awesomeness

Heck its true!

We offer way more than mere Email Marketing Campaign, like a wide range of digital marketing and creative services to help launch your business to the next level.

You better contact us now for all the trade secrets, before someone else beats you to it!

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of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
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of users click on one of the top three search results.
1 %
of website referral traffic goes through Google.

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