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Stop and consider! What’s your digital brand worth?

It is the first real step to success. To answer this simple question, you must correctly measure your digital brand’s worth by evaluating its marketing costs impact versus increased revenue. Every small business hinges its profitability and ROI maximization on its digital marketing strategy. If you don’t agree, we highly recommend you rethink your marketing ideologies and do it fast! Nothing has a more lasting impact on your brand than digital marketing muscle. But you must commit to consistent brand execution, across all customer-facing platforms (website, social media, blogs, newsletters or even apps!), leaving no confusion for your potential customers. Branding done right conveys the exact message you want your customers to have no matter where, how or when you catch their attention. When your digital branding is strong, cost-efficiency is high and so is your customer acquisition (or shall we call it conversion)!


Your smart company name, that logo you proudly promote, a symbol of who you are and what solution you provide, the design you painstakingly perfected and every other specific identification you cleverly positioned as your own is exactly what distinguishes you from your competitors. Branding is your business fingerprint and all the ways you establish a positive image on your customers’ minds. Branding is your DNA. What you do with this DNA should be taken seriously.

Digital Marketing
 is by far THE most effective branding strategy in today’s uber-fast and fickle digital world. Digital Marketing is how you improve your brand image and raise a heck of a lot of brand recognition out there in cyberspace. 

So toss your old traditional marketer’s hat aside and plunge into the future. The internet provides unfathomable opportunities to connect with people (near or far!), which simply means you have an infinite ability to brand your business exactly how you wish. Look around you. Everyone has their face buried in their phone. That little handheld device that tracks their every move and gathers valuable user behavior data. Algorithms (and cookies!) that track and bring to the surface what we as marketers need. Information. We live in an era that allows the exchange of information so freely. Use it! Pop up on their little phone screen and get in their face with what you have to offer before they even know they need it. Be open for business 24/7 and say goodbye to 9 to 5 marketing hurdles.

Digital marketing is all about branding through the internet, and your online presence is critical in boosting brand awareness, recognition and e-reputation! It is through digital advertising that browsers become buyers.

Want to improve your Digital Branding in the 2.0 Era?

– 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
(Search Engine Journal)

– Google currently holds 90.1% of the total search engine market share (Google + Google Images), followed by YouTube (owned by Google), Yahoo!, Bing, and Amazon.

– 57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Let's talk and see where things take us.


Digital Marketing Brands You Well.

You long for increased visibility? Check. Desperate for valuable leads? Check. Hungry for customer engagement across preferred channels and retention rates that will blow your competitor’s mind? Check, check. We got you! With our proven record of successful digital marketing strategies, perfectly tailored and true to your brand, we guarantee you will convert engagements into reliable customers.

HellMedia  can mastermind a digital marketing strategy that is current, reliable and remarkable! We will help you build a trusted brand line or completely rebrand your existing identity with in-their-face confidence, no BS honesty and integrity. You need our help to convince the world that you have built a brand around goodness and superior customer care.

Hey! It’s your image. We’re just here to put on a little makeup, turn on the lights and shine the spotlight on you!  Digital marketing is the feeling that compels people to choose you over your competition. And after 20 years in marketing and digital la-la-land, we’re VERY good at tempting the feels.


Digital marketing (aka online marketing) embraces some of the most effective branding channels ever. Starting with opportunities with social media platforms, website SEO, email campaigns, online advertisements and Google Ads, remarketing, blogs & vlogs, newsletters and mobile apps too!

And let’s not even get started on the various devices out there actively bombarding audiences with message this, view that, buy this, order that! It is a mile-a-minute information highway and you had better be the last stop. We can make you the ONLY stop. That’s what successful digital marketers do. Exceptional brand ambassadors and resilient guards against your competition.

HellMedia can pull on years of multi-faceted experience to boost your digital branding, no matter where you choose to feature.  We can help you target specific interests to trigger brand awareness on social media, target influencers to push your brand even further. We can help you find people who are looking for what you offer through targeted Google Ads or provide tips on a strong remarketing campaign for optimal conversion.

Digital Marketing is the backbone of all your marketing strategies. It is essential to your business and with everyone online; you can’t afford to dismiss its importance.

No matter where you stand on the digital marketing landscape, we got you. It’s so easy for us.

Wanna know what everyone's is saying about our Branding talents?

HellMedia assisted us in creating social media buzz for the Toronto Polish Film Festival. They offered professional opinions, he has creative ideas and always on top of everything with what’s happening on our Social Media. Our profile looks more professional and consistent. We have this peace of mind that the Social Media of the festival are well taken care of. Thank you for your dedication HellMedia!”
Toronto Polish Film Festival Team
HellMedia. approached me on my Instagram with some comments about my account. They complemented it then gave me some valuable feedback. HellMedia offered their help and I tried for one month. I was amazed with the results. My posts were attracting some much more followers and my likes zoomed up from low 56 to over 400’s in over a week!" Their knowledge is extensive and they really focus on helping people understand the importance of the processes in Social Media Platforms and how to implement them. The follow up and responsiveness are incomparable - absolutely worth the investment!"
Marta Pozniakowski
Real Estate Broker, Toronto


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